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Hurling Alley Singles Competition

Below is the fixture list and tables information for the inaugural Doon GAA Hurling Alley Adult Single Tournament. There is a Junior and Senior Tournament with the grand final scheduled for Friday the 4th of March.

Summary of tournament rules.
  1. Games are won by the first player to reach 10 points.
  2. A point can only be won by the serving player. If the non serving player wins a rally then he then becomes the server and can win the next point. 
  3. Groups stage matches will be 1 game or leading player after 20 mins.
  4. Quarter, Semi Finals and Final will be best of 3 games.
  5. If you cannot play your games on the night in question then try and rearrange with the other player on another suitable date before the next round or else the match will be a walkover to the player who was available.
  6. If there are players tied after group stages then contests between the players tied will decide who goes through. If that can't decide who goes through then a coin will will be flipped to decide.
  7. All serves must be above the line of the first concrete slab. Subsequent shots can be placed anywhere on the back wall.
  8. If a shot hits the roof the player who hits it looses the rally. 
  9. Someone from group should text me JR Walsh with all results e.g. Cathal beat tom, mike beat joe, tom beat joe etc....
  10. Please bring your own balls. Racket balls or Size 4 Hurling Wall balls should be used.
  11. Please contact Denis Kennedy if alley is locked when you arrive.
Full Rules will be linked here soon...

2011 Senior Hurling Alley Competition